Nothing important or is it ?

Today is one of those days when my heart feels like there is a lot going on but my brain insists on the fact that nothing significant has happened in my life that is worth sharing. I always struggle to find my balance between the two - heart and brain !
I  hear time and again every great inspirational mentor saying - follow your heart ! Well at the same time I have also heard great men say " Be Rational " ,"Do not be impulsive"  etc.
It is a constant  war between the two most powerful physical features of our body.I personally do not know which of them is entirely correct but I realise that I always favour my heart :)
I am at a point in my life where I seriously am in the look out for inspiration.I have been searching any and all the resources possible  for hours and somehow did not find anything that could move me.
While  I sat frustrated it dawned upon me that INspiration comes from withIN. Life may throw a lot of unexpected twists and turns in our life of which we do not have any control while the only thing that is under our control is how we react to it.So from now on I am going to inspire myself to be inspirational ...sounds silly but if you were to really take your time to realize the power of it you would see the truth in it.
So guys n gals if you feel low ....understand and accept that it is OK to feel so and take your time to live through that emotion.But remember to strengthen your mind as you do so.Self pity is one's worst enemy .It brings down your self esteem.Never let it get to you. There will be times when you find frustration, helplessness and most of all fear chasing you and you might even feel that any moment you are going to be engulfed by them just as an amoeba does its prey. The truth however is far from it....they are like shadows - so close that they may seem frightening but with the slightest radiance they totally disappear.

Let us shine the light of courage on to those dark shadows and vanish them from our hearts.God made us in His image to do great things.As the great enlightened Lord Buddha said " All things created has to pass....but strive on diligently ! ".
Life is a canvas and lets use the colours that are at our disposal to paint the beautiful picture that we can !

Tofu's teachings !

Hey friends,
The other day I was just watching my sweet lil dog Tofu .Its 10 months now that we have had him and he has totally changed our lives.... mine especially.There he was ....playing with his toys and every now and then he would run up to me and so generously give me his toy and nudge me with his black snout gesturing to play with him. Even though I had not obliged to his request it did not seem to have offended him in any way. He ran all around the room and came back to see if I have changed my mind . He did this non-stop and all of a sudden it dawned upon me as to what a great lesson he was actually teaching me right there.
We humans have to have things OUR way and if it doesn't we get upset. Iam talking for myself here.... I have seen how even the petty things have frustrated me . I end up feeling helpless, blame all gods,envy others etc etc but this little fellow so badly wants to play with me and I do not show any interest to play . He still comes to me happily with the same love and most important of all with all the more hopeful heart that I might decide to play with him any moment. Isn't that what great philosophers call virtue of patience,tolerance,being hopeful etc.
He is so content and happy with whatever is available to him in the present moment. He lives every second of his life without any complains.

God I wish I could learn to be like him. Tofu undoubtedly is a great mentor !
Have a great day everyone .
Good morning …..

We drove from Chapel Hill and I watched all those fields and farm lands rush past me as I lay back on my car seat listening to some soothing music. We had to take a few farm roads before we reached our destination - Lily pond Cottage.

Once we stood in front of those gates ….all I could see was some kind of construction work going on at a distance beyond the gates ….the rest was all wilderness packed with trees. I remember thinking to myself where is this cottage? Funny enough we could not find the button that would open the gates for us…finally after trying in vain …we decided to call Linda the person who owns the cottage….but before that a good Samaritan who was working on the construction area noticed us and drove down to the gate and opened it for us…  !

We drove on a muddy path with thick tall trees on either sides….we could not even see the daylight in there. All of a sudden it was like going down a magical tunnel….my outside world just faded behind me and this new fresh green wilderness was encompassing me ! We had only driven inside for just a minute that we found our cottage……WOW! that place is the cutest thing I had ever seen. Let me try and describe it for you. There is a beautiful pond of water lilies opposite to the cottage which is bordered by tall trees on the other side…and on this end facing the pond is the cottage itself. It is a triangular shaped A-frame cottage or a chalet  …to me I felt as though I was in one of those animation movies like that of Snow-white …that cottage looked adorable . There we were …Just me and my husband, spending the weekend in this cottage facing the lily pond surrounded by trees where I could already listen to all the various birds chirping. I could not have asked for anything more relaxing.

As I turned the door knob the door slid open and the cottage was as beautiful inside as it was from outside. It had a cozy living area with one big sofa and loveseat ,combined with a dining area for four adjacent to the kitchen which was equipped with all the essential gadgets - toasters, coffee makers, vegetable chopper, kettle, microwaves etc etc. It also had a bread maker…which as I opened mesmerized me with the aroma of a freshly baked rosemary bread. Even the restroom had one of those high end toilets .We then walked up the stairs and found the most inviting bedroom. It had balconies on either sides…and the most comfortable bedding.

There was a writing table on one corner of the bedroom with a journal filled in by all those people who have stayed at lily pond cottage. Did I mention the fireplace… they had two of them one upstairs and one down…it was an electrical one ..although it was neither winter nor cold …It felt luxurious to just watch the flames (without the heater on) which gave a certain character and ambience to the cottage. I was so thrilled and yet completely relaxed…which is such a contradiction in itself . In a few minutes of our arrival Linda drove by to check if we found everything ok. I truly can not say enough of Linda…she is one of those passionate, energetic, love filled souls that I have ever met. I felt at home almost instantly. She told us about the cottage and more importantly about the animals she had in her farm. Linda lives with her husband in her farm house within those 56 acres of wilderness .She has a collection of animals - long horns, horses, sheep, dogs, donkeys etc. To top it all she told us she is taking care of a rescued baby racoon and some baby possums. She wished us a happy stay and drove off in her rustic truck. Linda’s warm welcome and her energy level would sure bring a smile on anybody's face.

My husband and I then rested for a while and then took a nice long walk around the cottage…it had swings a hammock, wind chimes and lots of bird houses. As there was still some daylight we decided to drive back to the bluebonnet fields to take some more pictures. Later that night we came back to the cottage ,refreshed ourselves , had dinner and then all I remember was my head hitting the soft pillows…I dozzzzzzzzzzzeddd off to sleep in seconds….I slept so comfortably…it must have been the surrounding…how can you not feel so relaxed in such a place. I slept like a log.

The next morning , my hubby who is passionate on photography undoubtedly woke up early enough to take his nature shots while I had the best lazy morning ! The sun rays coming through those large windows and balcony doors literally wishes you a good morning to wake you up. It is one of those beautiful feelings you have when you wake up and the first thing that comes to your mind is “ All is Well” ! I felt good….I walked down stairs refreshed myself and switched on the coffeemaker. The aroma of coffee filled the space….I poured myself a cup of coffee and as I opened the door the view was divine. The morning rays of the sun were glistening on top of the Lily pond., birds chirping happily, the cool morning breeze and even before I knew I was walking towards the pond…I sat there by the swing, then I noticed my hubby on the other side of the pond with his camera trying to capture the beauty of nature that surrounded us and as I sipped my coffee I said to myself “ Life is good…God has truly blessed us with abundance”.

Later we had breakfast and we decided to walk through the woods…I was trying out the bird calling device along with the binoculars that were in the cottage . It worked… I was followed by red cardinals all through my walk. There were some woodpeckers and few other birds that I don’t know the names of but nevertheless all of them were equally beautiful. .While we were walking Linda drove by and picked us up in her mini farm vehicle…the ones that look like toy cars ..It was real fun to ride on it. She took us to see all the farm animals….At first we met Jack the majestic longhorn.

 He was grazing with his friends two other long horns, we then went to Linda’s home whose backyard is home to all the other animals. As soon as we entered all the animals just walked towards us…they absolutely love people, be it the horses or the donkeys even the sheep came running towards us, they were just wonderful. It was then that I realized the extent of love and care that Linda had showered on these beautiful animals that they fear no other humans…they just feel cared for. It was just heavenly to be there and one cannot help but enjoy how the child within us comes to life at that moment playing with those animals.

We took lots of pictures. Linda then took us to a room where she had the baby possums and a baby raccoon. She attends on them every one hour to check if they are ok , feeds them and pets them so they don’t miss their mothers. Linda is one of those virtuous people who shows unconditional love. We often fail to realize how fortunate we are or even the mere realization that we have so much to offer to the world. It is when we see people like her are we even reminded of such things.

After a fun filled time with these animals and a lovely chat with Linda…we came back to the cottage. We had our lunch and then as my hubby took a nap, I put on my creative cap and tried to take some photographs . Although not a pro like my hubby I still managed to take some decent pictures . I even got a woodpecker on cam.:)

If anyone is to visit the Lily pond Cottage you should never miss the hammock. I rocked myself to happiness in the hammock…the breeze, the smell of trees, the pond near by all added to my joy. Simple pleasures like these are so precious.

Later that afternoon around 3 pm we decided to leave and so packed our stuff , set the place right, wrote a thank you note to Linda on her guestbook for such a beautiful experience.

We were completely at peace after the stay and felt re-energized to deal with our daily routine in our regular world and as we locked the doors behind us , Linda drove by again to say goodbye of course but she was also beaming with excitement, the reason - she had gotten a call about 3 other baby possums that had been abandoned and she was already on her way to bring those baby possums home.

I really wish her all goodness and health as her home is “HOME” to so many living beings. All of us should develop a sense of “LINDA-ness” in us in any small way we can and offer something back to the world that gives us so much.

Lily pond Cottage - a true bliss ! I tried to just give you a glimpse of what I had experienced. Hope you all enjoy it!

Brenham "Bluebonnets" and the Lily pond Cottage !

Hey friends....

It was the end of a monotonous week and what i thought would be the usual Saturday routine turned out to be the most amazing rejuvenating experience. My beloved husband surprised me with a trip to Brenham...the land of bluebonnets. Brenham is like a 2 hour drive from Houston (Texas).For those of you who have not heard of bluebonnets, they are wildflowers that bloom in Texas around spring.

I always wonder at the artistic supremacy reflected in nature's beauty. Does God just hold a paintbrush in hand and just dip in his colors of choice and brush it across the landscape??? Really one must see it to believe it......and it just does not stop with the blue bonnets one drives through the 290 freeway ....all of a sudden there are these beautiful yellow fields with millions of those tiny yellow flowers...what a sight!!!

I was beginning to sense a new kind of freshness seep not just through my body but through my mind just watching these colorful flowers.....when we stopped at Chapel Hill for a small break. Guess what was going on there - the blue bonnet festival....with all those cute antique stalls ....People flooded those almost 200 stalls. I couldn’t tell which was more festive - all those people in the blue bonnet festival or those interesting stalls....I think it’s the merge of the two .There were jewelry stores with rare stones and gems… like amber jewelry. There were handmade country style quilt-pillow stalls, dress stalls, collectibles, garden stuff, crystals and decorations, not to forget the food stalls. It was beautiful and full of life!

I noticed that many families had brought their babies along with them....Although hot and crowded and noisy those little angels just adorable the way they are seemed so much at peace with all that was going on around them. I did not hear even one baby cry or whine the whole time. They were in their own world, completely enjoying the events around them. There was one baby boy who was on his car stroller thing. ...I guess he truly believed that he was the one really driving his whole family through the crowd in his car...because that cutie pie would not take his eyes off the wheels...He was such a dedicated should have seen him do that to even understand the beauty of innocence.

After such an eventful time we got back into the car and drove again ...and did I mention that I had not even asked my hubby anymore than the name of the spot we were going to - "the Lily pond Cottage” but I had no clue what was in store for me there!

Join me in my Journey to Lily Pond Cottage - my next blog post! Till then keep spreading the smiles :)!