Brenham "Bluebonnets" and the Lily pond Cottage !

Hey friends....

It was the end of a monotonous week and what i thought would be the usual Saturday routine turned out to be the most amazing rejuvenating experience. My beloved husband surprised me with a trip to Brenham...the land of bluebonnets. Brenham is like a 2 hour drive from Houston (Texas).For those of you who have not heard of bluebonnets, they are wildflowers that bloom in Texas around spring.

I always wonder at the artistic supremacy reflected in nature's beauty. Does God just hold a paintbrush in hand and just dip in his colors of choice and brush it across the landscape??? Really one must see it to believe it......and it just does not stop with the blue bonnets one drives through the 290 freeway ....all of a sudden there are these beautiful yellow fields with millions of those tiny yellow flowers...what a sight!!!

I was beginning to sense a new kind of freshness seep not just through my body but through my mind just watching these colorful flowers.....when we stopped at Chapel Hill for a small break. Guess what was going on there - the blue bonnet festival....with all those cute antique stalls ....People flooded those almost 200 stalls. I couldn’t tell which was more festive - all those people in the blue bonnet festival or those interesting stalls....I think it’s the merge of the two .There were jewelry stores with rare stones and gems… like amber jewelry. There were handmade country style quilt-pillow stalls, dress stalls, collectibles, garden stuff, crystals and decorations, not to forget the food stalls. It was beautiful and full of life!

I noticed that many families had brought their babies along with them....Although hot and crowded and noisy those little angels just adorable the way they are seemed so much at peace with all that was going on around them. I did not hear even one baby cry or whine the whole time. They were in their own world, completely enjoying the events around them. There was one baby boy who was on his car stroller thing. ...I guess he truly believed that he was the one really driving his whole family through the crowd in his car...because that cutie pie would not take his eyes off the wheels...He was such a dedicated should have seen him do that to even understand the beauty of innocence.

After such an eventful time we got back into the car and drove again ...and did I mention that I had not even asked my hubby anymore than the name of the spot we were going to - "the Lily pond Cottage” but I had no clue what was in store for me there!

Join me in my Journey to Lily Pond Cottage - my next blog post! Till then keep spreading the smiles :)!

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Nisha said...

Wow Zeni! Makes me want to go visit the Texas countryside :). Very nice piece. So that was Ram being the romantic man again! ;)