Tofu's teachings !

Hey friends,
The other day I was just watching my sweet lil dog Tofu .Its 10 months now that we have had him and he has totally changed our lives.... mine especially.There he was ....playing with his toys and every now and then he would run up to me and so generously give me his toy and nudge me with his black snout gesturing to play with him. Even though I had not obliged to his request it did not seem to have offended him in any way. He ran all around the room and came back to see if I have changed my mind . He did this non-stop and all of a sudden it dawned upon me as to what a great lesson he was actually teaching me right there.
We humans have to have things OUR way and if it doesn't we get upset. Iam talking for myself here.... I have seen how even the petty things have frustrated me . I end up feeling helpless, blame all gods,envy others etc etc but this little fellow so badly wants to play with me and I do not show any interest to play . He still comes to me happily with the same love and most important of all with all the more hopeful heart that I might decide to play with him any moment. Isn't that what great philosophers call virtue of patience,tolerance,being hopeful etc.
He is so content and happy with whatever is available to him in the present moment. He lives every second of his life without any complains.

God I wish I could learn to be like him. Tofu undoubtedly is a great mentor !
Have a great day everyone .