Nothing important or is it ?

Today is one of those days when my heart feels like there is a lot going on but my brain insists on the fact that nothing significant has happened in my life that is worth sharing. I always struggle to find my balance between the two - heart and brain !
I  hear time and again every great inspirational mentor saying - follow your heart ! Well at the same time I have also heard great men say " Be Rational " ,"Do not be impulsive"  etc.
It is a constant  war between the two most powerful physical features of our body.I personally do not know which of them is entirely correct but I realise that I always favour my heart :)
I am at a point in my life where I seriously am in the look out for inspiration.I have been searching any and all the resources possible  for hours and somehow did not find anything that could move me.
While  I sat frustrated it dawned upon me that INspiration comes from withIN. Life may throw a lot of unexpected twists and turns in our life of which we do not have any control while the only thing that is under our control is how we react to it.So from now on I am going to inspire myself to be inspirational ...sounds silly but if you were to really take your time to realize the power of it you would see the truth in it.
So guys n gals if you feel low ....understand and accept that it is OK to feel so and take your time to live through that emotion.But remember to strengthen your mind as you do so.Self pity is one's worst enemy .It brings down your self esteem.Never let it get to you. There will be times when you find frustration, helplessness and most of all fear chasing you and you might even feel that any moment you are going to be engulfed by them just as an amoeba does its prey. The truth however is far from it....they are like shadows - so close that they may seem frightening but with the slightest radiance they totally disappear.

Let us shine the light of courage on to those dark shadows and vanish them from our hearts.God made us in His image to do great things.As the great enlightened Lord Buddha said " All things created has to pass....but strive on diligently ! ".
Life is a canvas and lets use the colours that are at our disposal to paint the beautiful picture that we can !